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RISC Computing Platforms

Advantech Arm-based Computing Platforms are equipped with Arm processors, and provide Arm-based computer-on-modules (RTX, SMARC and Qseven), 2.5" Pico-ITX & 3.5" single board computers and box computers, together with TI Sitara Arm and longevity Board Suppport Package (BSP for i.MX6/i.MX7/i.MX8) upgrade services for the latest Embedded Android/Linux releasea, streamline the whole design process and help customers to develop their own Arm-based computing platforms.

Product Categories

  • Computer-on-Module

    Advantech Arm-based computer-on-module series include: RTX, Qseven and SMARC, powered by NXP i.MX6/i.MX7/i.MX8 and TI Sitara. Advantech also developed RTX 2.0, a RISC standard platform designed for rugged applications such as military, logistics and transportation / fleet management.

  • Single Board Computer

    Advantech Arm-based Single Board Computers (3.5" SBC, 2.5" PICO-ITX SBC), powered by NXP i.MX6/i.MX8, Qualcomm Sanpdrogan and TI Sitara, provide multi-integrated functions for easy implementation.

  • Industrial Motherboards

    Advantech industrial motherboard series, ranging from UTX motherboards, Mini-ITX motherboard and Micro ATX motherboard are ideal for customers who are used to using commercial off-the-shelf products but require expansion and industrial features such as longevity and reliability.

  • UIO20/40-Express

    Advantech UIO20/40-Express offers 2.5”PIXO-ITX core boards, various I/O expansion cards, and compact chassis to accelerate Arm-based system development.

  • Box Computer

    Being powered by Qualcomm Snapdrogan, NXP i.MX6, and TI Sitara, Advantech Arm-based Box Computers (Box PC) and IoT gateways are designed for the market with strict requirements.

  • Evaluation Kit

    Advantech ARM-based starter kit packages are including a main board, cables, power adapter, LED panel and an SD card. We've also built-in a Linux OS image for your quickly evaluation.

  • Development Board

    Advantech Development boards provide a schematic software & reference design to reduce efforts needed in development stage. Advantech Development Board can be used to test carrier board problems and support COM series, and Qseven, ETX / XTX form factors.

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