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Industrial Portable Computers

Advantech industrial portable computer offers comprehensive range of sizes and modular peripherals with integrated RFID reader, barcode reader, vehicle docking station, extension modules for diverse applications such as field service, manufacturing, warehouse management and fleet management. Advantech industrial mobile computing solutions are rugged yet versatile. Built for harsh environment, Advantech industrial tablet and handheld are drop resistant, dust and water ingress protection. To ensure comprehensive data acquisition, equipped with front and rear camera , 1D/2D barcode scanner, UHF RFID reader and supports 4G LTE, WLAN, Bluetooth, Baidou, GPS and GLONASS for wireless connectivity. Advantech industrial portable computer product line includes handheld terminal, industrial PDA, industrial tablet PC and wearable barcode ring. Furthermore, to satisfy IoT applications, Advantech provides ePaper for paperless solution and streamlining workflow.

Product Categories

  • Industrial Tablet PC

    Advantech's industrial tablet PC provides integrated mobile computing solutions include semi-rugged tablet and rugged tablet built with durability and stability. The military-grade certification is ideal for the harsh environments. To ensure comprehensive data acquisition, Advantech industrial tablet equipped with front, rear cameras, extension modules such as barcode scanner, UHF RFID reader, LAN+COM module. The rugged yet versatile design is built for field service, manufacturing, warehouse, military use, electronic flight bag in flight operation, factory maintenance, transportation, police, fire, and other emergency services. Advantech provides mobile computing solutions to enhance logistics workflow.

  • Handheld Terminal

    Advantech handheld terminal with industrial-grade certification which is applied to field worker, warehouse, manufacturing and construction. The handheld computer is industrial-grade certified: IP-rating protection and drop resistance. Moreover, to enhance mobile worker efficiency, Advantech provides wearable barcode ring enables hands-free operation for inventory picking and enhanced worker productivity.

  • Intelligent Sensing Device

    Advantech intelligent sensing devices represent a new generation of environmentally friendly solutions include ePaper, sensors. Compact yet rugged design with IP certification for protection from water and dust ingress ensures stable operation in demanding environment. The versatile intelligent sensing devices are built for diverse applications such as logistics, warehouse, hospital, transportation and retail.

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